Divorce Drama Should Not Hurt a Child 


Let’s be fair to them and prioritize their needs.

Mississippi Best Child Custody Lawyers for Hire 

Parents' separation or divorce is a huge loss for children. Taking away one or both of them is no less than a nightmare for little ones.


 It is not a matter of who out of the parents should get custody but what’s good for the child. Lisa L.Meggs Attorney at Law understands it all and works hard in the best interest of the child. 

We are specialists in child custody laws in Mississippi. Though parents are expected to reach out at an amicable arrangement, mostly the court of law determines the custody arrangements of the children.

Know Child Custody Rights

Discover Mississippi child custody and visitation laws that may or may not work in your favor. As a family and custody lawyer, we will help you comprehend and leverage your rights as a parent (married/unmarried) and grandparents.

Safeguard Child’s Interest, Always  


Child custody battles can get ugly if the partners have irreconcilable differences.  This leaves children heartbroken. We leave no stone unturned to be the voice of the child that seeks a fair and justified trial for his/her future.

It Can Be Too Pricey 

Child custody filing mistakes can be expensive. Hire a seasoned child custody lawyer in Mississippi and prevent administrative blunders ruining your chance to be with your child and digging a hole in your pocket. 

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The Types of Child Custody in Mississippi 

As a parent, you can expect either type of child custody

Legal custody


It provides parents a legal right on their child's every decision like health, education, and religious upbringing. 

Physical custody


It enables the child to live with one or both parents.  They spend most of their time under their physical supervision.

The child custody laws in MS allow the court freedom to evaluate the divorce case inside out and decide what’s best for the child.  


We as divorce and custody case lawyers try harder to get parents to reach an amicable custody agreement that puts an end to the exhausting legal proceedings. 


If you or anyone in your family are in need of legal help, Lisa L.Meggs Attorney at Law is just a call away at 66257445 to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers.  


We are there for you, at every stage of the divorce and child custody battle.


“I was pretty sure that I had a case, but I had absolutely no idea where to start. Lisa L. Meggs Attorney at Law was just brilliant, and so professional. I feel like I have got my life back at last!”

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No One Can Take Away Your Child

The child custody laws in Mississippi do not allow the court to make decisions based on assumptions. They give due preference to the child's wishes if he or she is old enough to express them. We are by your side to reinforce your parental rights and fight the case if the other side is trying to play dirty. Though the state prefers joint custody for a child, we look for the bigger picture and try for sole custody if that means good for the child.  

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No one wants to see their child in a family court. Sometimes, it is inevitable. We will try for an out-of-court settlement that brings an impartial mediator into the picture. This allows both the parents to patiently hear each other and the child. It may save you time and stress in court proceedings.  Also, it gives the parents a chance to arrive at a mutual decision that’s best for their child’s life.  

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Simplifying Mississippi Child Custody for You 

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Custody Failure is Not the End of Road 

Mississippi child custody laws are not rigid and allow a parent or parents to seek modifications if there is a substantial change in circumstances ( like family violence) they were in at the time of judgment. Do not feel dejected.  You can still prove that child’s best lies somewhere else than where he or she currently is.  An experienced custody lawyer will review the current situation and prepare a strong case in your defense.  

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Mississippi Visitation Laws 


In situations where you fail to win your child’s custody, Mississippi child custody laws protect the visitation rights of the other parent and grandparents. There are some exceptions to the laws and only a child custody lawyer can guide you on that. 


Visits however are governed by an officially designated agency or a third party.  As long as this arrangement is good for the child,  the court does not intervene. If that doesn't go well and there is proof to support in the eyes of the law, the judge can intervene and bar the visitation rights of non-custodial parties.

Frequently asked questions

What is child custody in Mississippi?

Child custody is a legal relationship between a child and his or her parent or guardian. In situations where parents decide to part ways or contest a divorce in court, child support becomes a tangible issue between the two sides. There are laws that govern child custody arrangements in Mississippi. There are two types of custody, namely 1. Physical custody 2. Legal custody. Physical custody enables a child to live with or under the care of one of the parents. Whereas legal custody only provides decision-making rights to one of the parents.

How is Mississippi child custody decided?

Mississippi child custody is decided either by parents or the court if the parents fail to reach a mutual agreement for their child. There are factors a judge take into consideration when deciding the best custody of a child: the child’s age, health, and sex; the child’s bond or relationship with the parent or parents before the separation; the willingness of the parent(s) to pay for the child’s education, health, etc.; the parenting skills of both the parents; the nature and demand of the parent(s) employment; the age and physical/mental capacity of the parents; the emotional bond between the parent(s) and the child; the parent(s) moral fitness; the existing home, school, and community ties of the child; the personal preference of the child, if the child is 12 or more; the parent(s) can provide the stability to the child In short, each and every factor that affects the child’s present and future will be studied by the court before pronouncing the custody.

Does the child need to appear in court?

No, not if he or she is of the age of 12 or less. However, if the presence or absence of the child is critical to the nature of the case, then an exception can be made to the child custody laws in Mississippi. Children over the age of 12 also have the right to sign a parental preference affidavit but that will be honored only if the court agrees to the same.

Who pays for child support in joint custody?

Either one or both the parents depending on the child support guidelines. The amount is however determined by the court.

When will child custody be decided?

Child custody becomes inevitable as the couple enters divorce proceedings, be it in or out of court. The court can pronounce a temporary custody order until it reaches a final decision. The formal complaint of the divorce should be registered for 60 days before the court proceedings start.